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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

At the Caxton Club

At the Caxton Club:

Always nice to read to a hometown audience. The Chicago Caxton Club  was founded in 1895 by fifteen Chicago bibliophiles. It was named after William Caxton, the first printer to set up shop in England. The Knox College Caxton Club was founded by members of the English Department about 1978. It was almost named the Wynken de Worde Society after the second English printer. Past speakers have included Stuart Dybeck, Aimee Bender, Denis Johnson, Junot Diaz, Peter Orner, Alice Quinn, and Michael Martone.

 "I kept my eyes open and didn't argue with myself before squeezing the trigger. The hammer was already cocked. I didn't want to wait for 'nine.' I could see him tensing up to make a move, and I didn't think he'd wait for the full count."